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Creating a Global Citizen

Session 1
Raili Roy — University of Pennsylvania

Surveys recently conducted by the National Geographic Society and the Asia Society shed light on a growing concern: the decline of multicultural awareness. Their studies show that U.S. students lack an understanding and knowledge of different people, places, and cultures around the world. The need has grown for the public to demand more rounded, higher-quality education for today's youth, and for teachers to understand the value and necessity of developing lessons based on global education.The four National Resource Centers at Penn, The South Asia Center, Middle East Center, African Studies Center and the Center for East Asian Studies are dedicated to the promotion of global education in the Delaware Valley Region.

Conversational Practice

Representatives from the four Centers at UPENN will share their individual expertise on global education focusing on their specific world regions, and initiate a conversation among participants a conversation on the best practices in introducing global education in their class rooms. The conversation will also engage with the importance of a global world view for the students and in the promotion of multiculturalism in schools.

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Kristen Outen
Kristen Outen
North Carolina State University


Lucy Gray

Steve Hargadon and I are holding two meetings for globally minded orgs and educators on Monday and Tuesday this week in NYC. Sunday (today) is the last day to register for both events.



Also, please feel free to join our community to continue the global conversation: http://globaleducationconference.com

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