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Engaging as Networked Thought Leaders: Let's Write a Book In 90 Minutes!

Session 1
Steve Valentine, Reshan Richards — Montclair Kimberley Academy, Constructivist Toolkit

Slide Deck: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u866nt45v4hs824/educon.pdf

Part I (18 minutes): Respond to at least one of the five prompts provided by the facilitators

Part II (18 minutes): A brief introduction to our conversation

Part III (18 minutes): Peer edit AND/OR contribute media

Part IV (18 minutes): Collection of contributor bios, contact info, and head shots (anonymous is ok)

Part V (18 minutes): Reflection and Q &A; Presentation of proof of concept


In the past, the idea of networking could carry a negative context, especially for educators. Some people certainly connect with others online as a form of self promotion, pushing an agenda that has more to do with their own aspirations for their careers rather than their aspirations for the schools at which they currently work. While this practice is unfortunate, it should not tarnish the reputations of those people who are consciously working to build their global, online networks in service of the work they do locally, and offline, at their home base schools.

Indeed, networked individuals bring great potential value to their teams. While they develop personal brands and recognition as their competencies grow, their networking skills allow them to build their support systems before they need them. If your school faces a problem the likes of which it has never seen, the most networked individual on your team will know where to turn to begin to address the problem. Though your best solution may come from inside your school, why wouldn’t you want to increase your odds of solving that problem by having access to a group of educators and non-educators spanning the globe?

So some educators publish and read blogs, and some educators go a step further, building and sharpening their leadership positions through more active entanglements in the online world. They not only follow thought leaders but also engage actively with them. They organize around a purpose. They share resources. They facilitate learning. They get a group moving.

This session provides the opportunity both to engage with thought leaders — the other participants in the room — and engage as thought leaders by constructing an authentic and shareable artifact in 90 minutes.

From the first minute to the last participants will engage in activities that prompt them to think, reflect, revise, and share. Besides the introduction, this conversation is going to be an environment of activity and thought leadership. While participants are welcome to come as passive observers, we encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Though we have never done anything like this before, we sincerely believe that it will be an amazing experience for all who join in this venture!

Conversational Practice

From the first minute to the last participants will engage in activities that prompt them to think, reflect, revise, and share. Besides the introduction, this conversation is going to be an environment of activity and thought leadership. While participants are welcome to come as passive observers, we encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Though we have never done anything like this before, we sincerely believe that it will be an amazing experience for all who join in this venture!

Part I (18 minutes): Respond to at least one of the five prompts provided by the facilitators Part II (18 minutes): A brief introduction to our conversation Part III (18 minutes): Peer edit AND/OR contribute media Part IV (18 minutes): Collection of contributor bios, contact info, and head shots (anonymous is ok) Part V (18 minutes): Reflection and Q &A; Presentation of proof of concept

Conversation Links

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Presenter Profiles

Reshan Richards
Reshan Richards
Teachers College, Columbia University
Stephen Valentine
Stephen Valentine
Montclair Kimberley Academy


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In relation to your the teeth, you completely have to care for them. While you possibly will not value your tooth in your younger years, you'll sure regret it afterwards in your life if and if you should get equipped with dentures. Use this report and learn how to appropriately take care of your the teeth.

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[url=http://www.tabletsbaratitas.es/371-new-balance-rosas-y-azules.html]New Balance Rosas Y Azules[/url] Blogging is an excellent instrument should you use the web to assist your business along. It could take some time to receive the blog ready to go, and you need to up-date it routinely, however it is a very good way to offer your clients a better way to find out about you, and your product.

Whether it is a well used heirloom diamond necklace through your grandma or a 6-carat gemstone diamond engagement ring, everybody has a bit of precious jewelry that may be near and precious to their heart. This informative article supplies a lot of helpful suggestions on retaining your jewelry searching snazzy and delightful for several years into the future.

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[url=http://www.techandplay.es/louboutin-tallas-493.html]Louboutin Tallas[/url] When people practical experience hair thinning, just about the most common culprits is utilizing your hair dryers. A lot of your hair drying at great conditions can harm the locks composition, causing too much hairloss. Some treatments are to blow dry your hair less often and soft towel or air dried out as an alternative.

Do your best to hook your wedges. You wish to attempt to acquire more constant shots. A terrific way to acquire some regularity with your wedge shots is usually to study a moderate-height pull that will go forward because it areas onto the green and moves about ten feet ahead.

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When you find yourself choosing a caffeine grinder out, find one which includes cone-shaped or toned burrs for crushing. These grinders produce a lot less heat. This enhances the taste in the caffeine. Grinders with cutting blades rather than burrs usually do not grind constantly. They can shed legumes by giving off a lot of heating.


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If you are looking to return to school and gain a bachelors or masters degree, then check out Traditional western Governors School. WGU is definitely an on the web university which includes both a regional and national official certifications. It was actually established by 13 governors to help you get folks knowledgeable and get back to operate. The university is not for profit, meaning you will not shell out an arm an a lower body like with other on-line colleges, and it's low-cost. As cheap as $2000 a semester.


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Drink plenty of water. This can help a great deal of concerns, including lower back pain. Normal water is important to help keep your important joints loose plus your discs in your rear from being compressed. Both these problems can lead to significant back again difficulties, so enjoying plenty of drinking water everyday could possibly be the most beneficial (and least complicated) protective determine within your toolbox!


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If you suffer from back problems so you smoke cigarettes, you need to quit without delay. One of several unpleasant adverse reactions of cigarette smoking is the intake of smoking. Pure nicotine minimizes the flow of blood through your whole body, which include for your backbone, and this raises your likelihood of back pain.


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To successfully get insurance coverage you can rely on, only employ a company you will find a good amount of beneficial information on. Even though any insurance provider provides significantly lower rates, it won't indicate much when they overcome paying out you with your duration of need to have. Using a properly examined insurance carrier could keep you harmless and 5 you reassurance.


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Some more modern iPads have a mute button rather than secure orientation a single. When you prefer the lock orientation feature, you should get into your settings and touch around the common segment. It is possible to pick which functionality you want to relate using this button. Save your valuable modifications while you are accomplished.


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Shut down your Television! Lots of people grow to be stressed out from seated in front of the tv for a long time on finish. You are viewing lies repeatedly, of course, if you start out comparing your life to what you really are watching, you are certain to become stressed out. Even an excessive amount of media can lead to major depression.


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Have you any idea how self-confident people keep self-confident? They only believe in every thing for which they stand up. Anxiety attacks afflict individuals who don't truly feel assured regarding what they are saying or do. For that reason, it's under your control to actually believe that in your daily life. By no means waiver, and you'll get stress and anxiety is booted on the control!


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When photographing with a display, be very specific about that you point your display. Do not forget that when your flash will go off immediately at or on the topic, it would trigger apparent glare within the producing snapshot. To get the most from your display without having ruining the picture, it is best to tilt the digital camera upward a bit.


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Back discomfort is generally, the problem of your old or even the fitness, but also in truth it may strike any person. Thankfully, it is far from an issue anyone has got to experience via without striking rear. For back pain ranging from the most long-term for the smallest twinge, there are lots of methods affected individuals might take. Allow me to share just some of these actions.


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A good hint which will help you handle your diabetes mellitus is always to start off eating meals that happen to be rich in dietary fiber. Eating meals which can be loaded with fiber content are fantastic due to the fact they'll keep you experiencing total for a longer time, managing your blood glucose. Having fiber content could also help reduce your risk of coronary disease.


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A fantastic hint for boosting your recollection is to try using mnemonic gadgets. This can be a great way to remember since it is a well proven approach to shop thoughts and recall without difficulty. Utilizing a mnemonic system is a procedure the place you relate some thing you are hoping to remember, with an item that is familiar to you personally.


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To get clump-free of charge, outlined lashes when implementing your chosen mascara, carefully wiggle the mascara brush when you move it toward the ends of your own lashes, and are employed in tiny parts. This will aid to remove excessive clumps of mascara as well as separate your own personal lashes so they do not stay with each other.


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Attempt acquiring some dependable investment control software program to utilize if you spend. They are completely reasonably priced today, as is a high-pace web connection. You don't should spend your time and attempts trying to generate the ideal way to commit when there are actually plans around that can help.


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More aged individuals who are concered about losing memory are able to use electronic devices for example the Nintendo wii console to help with memory. These sorts of exciting video gaming have developed video games that are in fact tailored for help to improve memory like Nintendo's Mind Grow older. Even the stimulation of working with the puzzles associated with games is a good brain stimulator.


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When you find yourself overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, make a practice of difficult every single bad believed. As an alternative to letting anxiety paralyze you, tell you to ultimately cease in your head, as a way to interrupt the bad imagined. Then replace it having a a lot more practical and positive considered. "I'll never ever locate a task," could become, "I did not buy this work, but there is employment out there for me personally somewhere and so i just have to always keep trying to find it." Swapping negative opinions with increased sensible optimistic types, can help reduce your anxiousness levels.


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In conclusion, there is very little else that can help you within your older several years besides developing a very good firm foundation regarding how to finest prepare and take care of oneself. The recommendations given to you on this page is meant to assist you and enable you to get pleasure from all of your current leftover several years.House Buying Can Be A Breeze With These Suggestions


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It really is never too soon to show youngsters about personalized finance and savings. When they generate an allowance, ask them to reserve a percentage in to a piggy banking institution or even a bank account (if they're old enough to possess one). They are able to also perform the same with dollars they get for birthday parties or vacations.


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Make sure to visit your social media marketing web page frequently and react to responses as they are available in. One of several advantages of browsing this press, is the fact that it is fast and up-to-date. It works as a true-time investigation tool for lots of people who might have questions they need resolved quickly. Which means your swift reactions will help you develop a connection with them.


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Using the details on this page, you need to have a greater idea of a few things that can be done your self and a few stuff to talk with your doctor about to get an improved keep in your asthma. It doesn't ought to control your life, you can discover to control it.Manual On The Way To Easily Handle Arthritis


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As previously discussed, once you experience nervousness, daily life are often very challenging. Ideally, the stress and anxiety-busting recommendations showcased previously mentioned will help you get the nervousness levels rear in order and let you start off enjoying existence yet again. So, ensure that you try out a few of these recommendations the next time you start out to really feel stressed.Guidelines On How To Deal with Your Back Discomfort


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Individual a good huge set of dark sunglasses. For those who have red view from a difficult night or less than eyes hand bags from a bad night's rest, it is possible to cover up them with a stylish pair of shades. These are a classic, attractive fashion and evoke Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. A good match may be got at a excellent selling price.


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A great redecorating tip is to be certain the company you're doing business with is genuine. In case a organization doesn't give you a actual physical deal with and only performs business over the phone, it means they're almost certainly little time as well as aren't very trustworthy. Consider to select firms that have got a solid track record.


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Should you suffer from despression symptoms, attempt to keep away from (or at least decrease) all sorts of sweets, even the ones that might appear healthier like sweetie. Glucose reacts rapidly within the body having a surge of vitality and performance nevertheless this can be followed by an accident of low energy and laziness, which may be a deterrent to fighting your despression symptoms.


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An end snoring mouthpiece can actually carry out some very good in case you are a snorer. It works by maintaining your lower jaw bone in collection so your mouth continues to be where it must be to avoid the loud snoring. They should be installed correctly to be effective effectively, but when you will get it fixed correct you can expect to rest better throughout the night with out loud snoring.


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If you want to enhance your exercise, your factors tend not to really matter. Perhaps you need to be appealing. Maybe you want to be healthier. Whatever encourages you to get in shape, you are creating a good choice. Under you can find some hints and tips, on exactly how to boost your physical fitness and cling on to that good option.


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