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In The Trenches With Design Thinking

Session 2
James Campbell, Jenny Novoselsky, TJ Edwards, Trey Boden — Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Mount Vernon Institute For Innovation

Beginning with a group discussion on curiosity, the conversation will point to the common frustration in leading students to transfer learning into stuff that matters: engagement. Design Thinking is not just another thing, but it's a cultural shift in thinking that calls for students, and teachers, to be people-centered problem solvers. It is igniting curiosity by sparking empathy. We will discuss the value of storytelling, opportunities for leadership, and distributed experience of Design Thinking when adopted into a school's learning strategy.

At the end of our conversation, we will invite attendees to participate in a fast prototyping challenge around the following How Might We statements:

HMW build curiosity and empathy with what we already do in the classroom? HMW make time for design thinking at our school? HMW develop passionate and curious student leaders that make a dent?

Conversational Practice

We will be inviting others into the conversations of curiosity, fast prototyping, and organic Q & A as we go. Our hope is to share a little from our experience, but also to give plenty of time for interaction. Our hope is that attendees walk away empowered to jump in!

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