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The Chromebook Classroom

Session 2
Rich Kiker — Google Certified Trainer, Palisades School District

We have been waiting for school technology solutions that provide near instant and always on learning. But there have been many challenges in the past to making this a functional practice. With Chromebooks, schools like SLA now have a solution that is affordable, sustainable, and manageable. Let's discuss what makes a successful 1:1 program, strategies for deployment, and why the cloud has more promise for learning than we have ever seen before!

Conversational Practice

I'd like to start the conversation with asking "Why 1:1?". Once the dialogue gets launched I'd like to plan several mini discussions including:

How do we afford these solutions? What is the implementation curve for teachers? How do we maintain a quality tech support program? Is there value in being platform agnostic?

We will collaborate online in a shared doc and presentation for "take aways" with a number of 1:1 and Chromebook resources.

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Rich Kiker
Rich Kiker


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