During each of the six breakout sessions throughout the weekend, a large number of conversations will take place. This site will help you organize your plan for the weekend and provide the relevant information for each conversation. After signing in, search through the conversations below and mark the sessions you are interested in to populate your personal schedule on the right (or below if on your mobile phone).

A new leadership school

Session 6
Joshua Spodek

Society could use more effective leadership, but what institutions teach it? We know how to teach it, but almost no institutions focus on leadership first. If you'd like to see a school teach the skills for leadership (probably post-graduate) or have experience starting schools or teaching leadership, please join.

Can Anyone Hear Me? Utilizing Student Voice in Schools

Session 6
Michelle Leimsider, Christina Jenkins

Why is it that the people making the decisions are rarely the ones having to live with them? Join a conversation led by students at the NYC iSchool to learn how we can make schools and our classrooms places that are created both for and BY students. Find out what it’s like to be in a community where student voice and student choice are a main priority and walk away with plans (both big and small) to incorporate student voice in to your school community and classrooms.

Supporting Democracy Beyond Content

Session 6
Dave Thomer

Preparing students for citizenship gets less attention these days than it deserves. Let's try to rectify that as we talk about what democracy demands from its citizens. From old-fashioned brainstorming to Google Docs collaboration, we'll build ideas to bring democracy beyond content and into the fabric of our schools.

What if Schools...

Session 6
Luke Zeller

Please join this conversation to imagine what is possible for schools and classrooms. "What if Schools..." is a prompt to encourage us to think beyond traditional models of school structure and strategy. With each other as resources for innovation, we can develop new lenses through which we can imagine education. The source of innovation is within each other, our experiences, and our ideas. Therefore, please join this opportunity to push for transformation of traditional school models.

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