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Authentic Student Choice: Honors Senior Seminar at Hudson HSLT

Session 1
Grace O'Keeffe, Sarah Shahata, Matthew Pressman, Racheal Rydell-Klages, Osvaldo Castillo, Omar Abreu, Keenan Edwards, Zainab Oni

Give your classroom back to your students! When you give authentic choice and control to studentsm you let students learn on their own terms. Students get to digest what they learn rather than have it thrown at them. What happens when you give students control of what they learn, how they learn, and how they are assessed?

Standards, not Standardization

Session 2
Diana Laufenberg

The phrase. Common Core, has been uttered so many times in the past 12 months that I think it might be the next 'word' added to the dictionary. Having standards is not the same as standardization, the subtlety of which seems to be getting lost in the national conversation around Common Core and standards implementation. Join me in a discussion surrounding standards implementation and the difficulties with standardizing instruction.

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Session 5
Carey Pohanka

Have you ever looked at your school experience through the eyes of a student? Have you lived as a student for a day? As educators, we are "designers" of the student experience, yet do we understand how the implications of our design directly impact our students? In this session we will look at our schools through the lens of a student. What can we do to make sure that we are designing the best possible learning environment for them?

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